The best Side of freewinds

The best Side of freewinds

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Next acquisition with the Church of Scientology, Pretty much all of the ship's community spaces ended up rebuilt.

I’m not OT VIII but I did the Primary Rundown which enables me to own conceptual idea of the points I read.

I would significantly like to understand exactly what Each and every of those person ribbons on her “uniform” stand for. Or do they all get them, misquoting Shakespeare, as symbolizing “… a tale advised by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing”?

I don’t claim that lightly. I'm not flattering you merely to make you really feel fantastic. I do indicate it. HEAD AND SHOULDERS previously mentioned All those stubborn cowards continue to in.

There is no other purpose. It’s fairly clear that Sharron doesn’t even believe that these consumers are attaining nearly anything toward any increased stop. Shameful.

Thanks Bob for writing Anything you wrote regarding your Freewinds working experience. I have generally felt which i skipped one thing since I under no circumstances designed it towards the Freewinds. I had the idea for nearly 30 several years that it actually was stress-free, touring islands, researching some, auditing some, and permitting The great periods roll and I’ve felt I missed that. Now I see that it absolutely was all bullshit. Thanks. I’m so delighted which i missed it all.

With that said, there's no precise proscription about vaccines written by Hubbard, while he Site definitely considered “Major Pharma” was deliberately drugging the whole world to manage the inhabitants.

Superb position. I think at that point it’s the psychological profile of your individual that decides which Scientology is gravitated to agreed with and internalized. The Threat, in my watch, is that there are doctrines Hier klicken in Scientology taylor built for tyrants.

So, where I think a lot of people don’t have a dilemma with what folks choose Klick auf Referenz to believe, Many individuals have a problem wherever they see abuse and fraud and will’t different LRH from that.

before This page does look different, it’s a occurred a couple of times for me although not in many months. it’s as In case the topic’s type.css hangs whilst the browser hundreds the webpage, then Considering that the web site is loaded the type Guidelines are dropped.

Could barely agree along with you a lot more, Mike. A few of us oldsters got a lot of gains and understood which they were being our individual, not Ron’s. It is the Computer/University student who tends to make the wins, not the old man. It was often so, however none dared condition it.

In the July one letter to Arizona associates posted by Plain Previous Thetan, Scientologist Sharron Weber states the Phoenix venture isn't about “having a good making” or Assembly fundraising ambitions: “It’s about supplying the chance of independence towards the pretty folks you walk earlier, rub elbows with, and see daily.”

This argument fails after you arrive at text like “My Philosophy” that are quite grand and express incredibly kind and generous principles. And there are several others which might be similar.

Scientologists are properly trained to tell a “Shore Tale” which is able to be suitable to your “wogs” “on shore” to protect the operations of scientology (In cases like this aboard the Freewinds

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